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Restore Your Vehicle to Its Former Beauty

Rely on us to complete your vintage restoration work

You've invested a lot in your car, but it still doesn't look the way you want it to. Don't give up - hire a professional crew to fully restore your vehicle, inside and out. Precision Collision Service offers modern and vintage vehicle restoration services. Full interior and exterior paint jobs, small area sandblasting and metal fabrication - we can do it all.

Turn to us for exceptional auto restoration work today.

Heads will turn to watch your restored car cruise down the road

When is a good time to restore your vehicle? Get restoration work done before you take your vehicle to:

  • Your vacation destination - cruise the highway in style during your road trip
  • The local car show - take home a ribbon at your next vintage car show
  • Your date's house - make a great impression when you pick up your date

Ready to schedule vintage vehicle restoration services? Call 401-461-3368 now to set up an appointment with our mechanics.
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