Minor Body Work

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Make Your Dented Vehicle Look as Good as New

Get minor body work and auto body work done here at our shop.

Over the years, your vehicle has been dented, scratched and dinged. When damage starts to show, turn to Precision Collision Service for help. We'll do auto body work to get your vehicle back in top shape. From paint blending to crack repairs, our crew can do it all.

Next time you need minor body work in, bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop ASAP.

Show your vehicle a little TLC

Did your kids open your car door into a post? Did a hail storm cause damage to your paint job? No matter what happened to your vehicle, our experienced mechanics will do the necessary minor body work to fix the damage.

If your car:

  • Has a missing or broken mirror, rely on us to replace it
  • Was rear-ended, reach out to us for bumper repairs
  • Is starting to rust, hire us to do effective surface rust cleaning

You can also count on us to fix cracks in your bumper, smooth out dents in your doors and blend paint over repaired sections.

Call 401-461-3368 now to learn more about our auto body work.
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