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Got Problems Under Your Hood?

Offering mechanical repair services and general car maintenance

Have you noticed your car driving differently lately? Is there an odd sound or vibration coming from your car that wasn't there before? If so, bring it to Precision Collision Service ASAP. Our mechanical repair services include everything from brake work to suspension repairs. We can even rebuild your engine.

For more information about our mechanical repair services, contact our crew today. You can reach us at 401-461-3368.

Avoid the 3 don'ts of car maintenance

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your car in top shape. When it's time for general car maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations and tune-ups, let our pros take care of it. When you leave the work to us:

  • You won't get oil on your clothes and dirt under your fingernails
  • You won't risk doing something wrong and causing damage to your car
  • You won't need to spend hours researching proper maintenance techniques

Hire a mechanic who will do your general car maintenance correctly the first time.
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