Collision Repairs

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Get Back on the Road in Record Time

Count on us to complete your car collision repairs. Accident collision repair is our specialty!

There's no doubt about it - auto accidents are stressful. Once you've checked on everyone involved, talked to the police and called a tow truck, you'll have to start thinking about collision repairs and how you're going to afford them. Luckily, Precision Collision Service can help with both problems.

If you've been involved in an auto accident, we'll make collision repairs and offer insurance assistance. Our staff will even help you get a rental car so you won't have to put things on hold while your car's in the shop.

Instead of dealing with the insurance claim process alone, call 401-461-3368 now to get help from an expert.

Leave your auto repair needs to our team

Whether the accident was your fault or not, we'll complete your collision repairs efficiently. Bring your vehicle to us after:

  • Another driver T-bones your car in an intersection
  • An animal jumps in front of you and dents your hood
  • You lose control on a wet or icy road and hit a tree

Don't stress out after your auto accident - get collision repair services ASAP.
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